Johanna Tarkela Illustration

Private Commissions Term of Service

Work Progress & General

1. The Client provides the Artist with a description of the idea and clear, visual references whenever possible.

2. The Artist will give the Client a quote based on the description of the commission if this is not already determined in the commission opening information.

3. Commissions will only be discussed through email in writing.

4. The Artist reserves the right to refuse a commission for any reason (including but not limited to sexually explicit work, illegal activities, hateful or offensive images).

5. The Artist will provide the Client with rough sketches/thumbnails, after which the chosen sketch will be refined. Payment is expected when the Client has approved of the final sketch.

Note: not all commission types include multiple sketch options, such as icons.

6. The Artist retains the right to recycle unused sketches for other purposes.

7. If the work needs to be done to a strict deadline, there may be a rush fee. All deadlines should be agreed on before the sketching stage starts.


8) Any major edits/redlines the Client wishes for should be stated during the sketching stage. During the colouring stage the Artist will do 3 edits, after which there may be a fee for any further edits.

9) Any major edits on the work after completion might incur a fee depending on the scale.

10) The Artist will fix any errors made based on what the character/subject should have looked like at the time of providing the references, without any additional cost. 


11) The Artist retains all rights to the artwork (selling prints, uploading, altering), unless otherwise negotiated.  If the Client wishes to purchase rights to the artwork, a fee will be discussed and added to the price.

12) The Client may post a low-resolution version of the artwork in their gallery with credit to the Artist and use the work as an icon etc.

13) The Client retains the rights and ownership to their characters.

14) The Client may not profit from the artwork in any form (including but not limited to resale of the digital file, selling prints, NFTs). Prints for entirely personal use are allowed. Using the artwork for any AI generative purposes is not allowed.


15) Payment is to be made through Paypal (The Artist sends an invoice to the Paypal Address provided by the Client) or alternatively via Bank Transfer.

16) For commissions over 300 GBP in value, a payment plan of 50% upon sketch approval and 50% upon final art is possible. No full resolution final/unwatermarked work will be delivered until the commission is paid in full.

17) The commission must be paid for (either fully or partially, see 16) after the final sketch is finished and accepted – the work will not commence until a payment, either partial or full, has gone through.

18) The Client has 14 days to pay from sending the invoice until the Artist may cancel the commission and reuse the sketch partially/fully if there is no communication (if there are known delays the Artist should be informed of these).

19) All quotes and invoices will be in GBP/British Pound, the Artist is not responsible for any possible conversion fees.


20) If the commission is cancelled by the Client, the refund will depend on the amount of work already gone into the piece. If the artist cancels the commission for any personal reasons, the refund will be the full amount.

Finished work

21) The finished artwork will be delivered digitally to the Client’s email, provided at the beginning of the commission transaction, either as an attachment or a private Wetransfer link.

22) The Client will receive a smaller low-resolution and the full high-resolution versions of the finished image. All finished artwork will include the Artist’s signature in the corner.

23) The Artist can delay uploading the work online if the Client wishes (for example it being a gift to someone)

24) By transferring payment for the work the Client agrees to all of the above terms.

Any further questions? Feel free to email me at !